eyeCamD: Directions FREE, Document Camera under $100!

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What made you think of that?

I needed to conduct an iPhone training a month or so ago, and I could NOT get my Avervision 150 document camera to display on the computer so that I could show the phone to the audience. I finally gave up and as a last resort, hung my Logitech 9000 web cam over the arm of the $400+ document camera and connected to the web cam.


eyeCamD was born. I asked my husband to use his significant woodworking skills to create the perfect stand for the camera, and 10 prototypes or so later, we had the eyeCamD. We're hoping to start selling the stand soon. Just think what we can do with it:

-Use Skype/ooVoo to video conference with experts, teachers, students, and fun folks from all over the world.
-Record lessons for absent students.
-Record your lessons so that when YOU'RE absent, your students can watch you do the explaining. All the substitute teacher will have to do is press "play."
-Show beautiful full-screen images at 8 mega pixels using your LCD projector while you read books or do science experiments. (If you buy it, I'll show you how ;-)
-Do everything you usually do with your document camera and a whole lot more for a fraction of the cost.

The only similar thing I can find so far is the Hue, but since it's only 1.3 mega pixels, don't waste the money to buy it. You won't be able to see the image clearly enough to use it in the classroom. Maybe Hue will make an 8mega pixel model. I hope they do, but in the meantime, we'll be busy making eyeCamD!

Who do I contact?

Email eyeCamD@gmail.com with your questions, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What is eyeCamD?

The eyeCamD webcam stand turns the Logitech 9000 webcam into your classroom’s eye to the world

8 megapixel resolution
Capture your lesson
Broadcast live
Record your lesson
Talk to experts, students, and teachers around the world

. . . Or, just use it as a document camera

Can I see eyeCamD?